To deliver a versatile array of effective solutions, executed with our communication-oriented, transparent approach.


Clarity Solutions is a versatile team with a powerful and dynamic skill set. we will work alongside you until your custom solutions are functioning and easily-maintained. In essense, we are not satisfied until you are.


Founder/IT Director/Instructional Designer

Clarity’s CEO, John Basile, knows the industry from the inside out. Hired out of college by multinational software juggernaut SAP and having worked at the firm for five years, John saw a fundamental gap in the IT Service blueprint. He felt that the IT Service clients were often provided with the IT they were promised, but without the Service needed to comprehensively absorb their new platform / environment.


At Clarity Solutions, we will not leave any questions unanswered or any requests unfulfilled. We will work with you until your team is satisfied, knowledgeable, and self-sufficient. Why choose us? Every CS employee works by the same set of principles. We are passionate about improving your team’s daily efficiency. We care more about the improvements to your workflow than we do about the increase in our revenue. This why at Clarity Solutions, we offer absolutely free consultations. If we can’t help you, you won’t be billed a dime. If we can help you, we will work with you to develop a budget and project plan that works for you. “Clarity” is not a misnomer. It’s what we do.


Partner/Creative Director

Derek is our Creative Director and Design Guru. He is a credentialed designer that
draws from over 14 years experience in crafting award-winning online and E-Learning solutions for many fortune 500 companies including: BASF, Wyeth Pharmaceuticals, Volvo Cars of North America, BMW, and Tiffany. Derek holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Graphic Design) from West Virginia University. 


Derek Is a conceptual thinker and can communicate strategic and creative direction in a clear, and concise way. He is a creative leader and works closely with clients and team members to motivate and inspire creative energy from concept through execution.


He specializes in all creative areas, including logo design, branding, web design (UI/UX), package design, E-Learning, and print.